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About Us

By the decision of the President of the Republic, published in the Official Gazette dated 2 June 2021 and numbered 31499; Hasan Kalyoncu University Faculty of Aviation and Space Sciences was established in accordance with the additional article 30 of the Law No. 2809 on the Organization of Higher Education Institutions.

Our faculty has taken a step into the academic studies with a rapid structuring and student admission in September 2022. All Our Departments will have a  education media in English. Curriculums are organized in accordance with the latest scientific and technological developments. Interdisciplinary transitions are also taken into account. It will continue to be renewed periodically. A library study is carried out in accordance with the departments to be opened. By purchasing the most important books for our departments, our library will be strengthened in terms of aviation.

Our teaching staff will consist of graduates from well-known schools from home and abroad. It will be selected from people with high publication and project capacities. In most of our courses, students will be prepared for their working time by having term projects done. A kit aircraft construction, which is still being purchased, will create significant opportunities for both our Engineering and UAV departments. This activity will continue until we manufacture our own aircraft on a sustainable basis. Developing new technology with innovative thoughts is one of our important goals, apart from the repetitions of existing technology. Attempts to obtain a large number of patents and write articles at the undergraduate level will be implemented in all departments. In addition, the exchange of international students and lecturers will contribute positively to the continuous development of our faculty.

All elements of the 4th Generation University will be found in this faculty. Teaching will not be limited to the classroom and computer. The offices of our important companies will be opened in the faculty, and students and teachers will continue their learning and teaching jobs there. Teaching will be tried to be performed as an art and a game.

For a better world and humanity; to understand human, nature and the universe, to develop ideas beyond existing science and technology, to open up to new horizons, to develop a cooperation culture, to support interdisciplinary studies, to build up some approach that will lead to the formation of an analytical thinking system and integration with society.

To encourage the studies of researches within the framework of this vision, to encourage the opening of master’s and doctoral programs, to give special importance to interdisciplinary studies, to spread quality studies to all sub-units, to complete institutionalization by standardizing the processes, to hold meetings with local and national institutions. To learn all the elements of aviation and to develop systems with innovative approaches. At the same time, developing very new vehicles and engines with a different perspective on aeronautics and aerospace engineering.

Quality Policy

To educate leading generations that will contribute to the continuous improvement of the socio-economic development level of our country and region.

To work in accordance with laws, regulations and professional ethics, to be a leading educational institution in the region by adopting the principles of human centric and social responsibility.